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Artwork Axemist Exood4 Studio is composed of independent professionals from the video game industry, we are located in Toulouse (France). Our games are made for PC and consoles platforms, but our activity is also directed towards the mobile phone and online game markets.

We have 10 years of experience in the development of software, video games and other multimedia products.

Our original style, inspired by the manga and cartoon genre, is recognized and appreciated by many players. It differs from the usual games and we hope we have brought a breath of fresh air to the video game industry.

With a dynamic and cohesive team, whose competences are admirably complementary, Exood4 Studio is always seeking new ideas and will not hesitate to innovate for the pleasure of the players. Our first priority is to bring to the public accessible games that will provide fun while they discover our universes.

Video game development

For our own products or a customer order, we develop any kind of video games. If you have an idea for a game but you do not have the team or the required competences, we can either advise you or create your video game. If you need to supplement your team, you can also contact us.

After initial contact, and once the project has been submitted and accepted by our team, our services are as follows :

  • Requirements and technical studies (pending your approval)
  • Production planning and milestones (pending your approval)
  • Development (you will follow the evolution)
  • Testing phase
  • Delivery

If you are a publisher and you are interested by one of our games or if you wish to enlarge your catalogue with new titles, do not hesitate to contact us.

With your private access to our site, you will follow the evolution of the project on a dashboard and will be able to download the different deliverables.

Contact us now, it's your turn to play!

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We can work on all your projects that require some artworks, including those intended for the print or the multimedia markets :

  • Character design: creation of characters and mascots for your game, your site, your book, or for an objective of identification and development of consumer loyalty.

  • Backgrounds : creation of backgrounds and landscapes to build imaginary or realistic universes.

  • Multimedia : develop artworks for your multimedia application or your site (CD-Rom, website artworks, flash animations, icons, etc)

  • Print : illustrate your printed documents such as your posters, logos, flyers, booklets, brochures, and press kits.

Contact us if you wish more information.

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Website creation

If you need a site to promote your company, your association, your products or simply to make people know you exist, then we can help to develop your Internet site by using the best technologies adapted to your needs.

  • A Graphic Charter in accordance with the image of your company and/or products.

  • Guarantee of the W3C standards for optimal compatibility with all web browsers.

  • The technologies that we use are : HTML, Javascript, XHTML, XML, XSL, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash. Other technologies are of course possible.

  • We can also help you to reference your website for better visibility in the main search engines, and if needed we can tell you how to utilize traffic analysis software.

Contact us for further information or a personalized study.

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Software development

From a simple component to a complete software, we can design your application for Windows, Linux or mobiles. We will use the same principles as we do for the creation of our video games:

  • Requirements and technical studies (pending your approval)
  • Production planning and milestones (pending your approval)
  • Development (you will follow the evolution)
  • Testing phase
  • Delivery

By using the latest technologies and by choosing the best adapted to your needs we will develop your software. You will be able to follow the evolution of the project with your private access to our site.

Possible examples of applications :

  • Game production tools

  • Office applications

  • Database applications

  • Web applications

  • Plugins/Add-Ins for : Maya, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Live Messenger ...

  • ...

Contact us to submit your project.

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